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Purity UVC– Purifies to US drinking water standards

Purity UVC, for the safest pool water on the planet.

Purity AOP – Purifies AND Clarifies pool water FAST

Purity AOP, for the cleanest and clearest pool water you can get.

Who doesn't want swimming pool water that's
BETTER than US Drinking Water standards?

As tested and confirmed by Independent 3rd party laboratories and NSF International, in comparative testing (UVC) and to the ANSI NSF-50 standard (NSF), our UVC and AOP systems beat all competing systems, and produce water purity that’s BETTER than US drinking water standards.


Purity UVC, for a Truly Safe And Clean Swimming Experience....

Ultraviolet Light (UV) is unquestionably the safest, healthiest and most effective water sanitizer in the world.
And PURITY UVC System sanitizes to TWICE as clean as drinking water, ‘without’ the harmful side effects from chlorine, salt or ozone.


Purity AOP, for the Cleanest and Clearest Pool Water You Can Get...

The Purity AOP system is an advanced pool water sanitation system that

safely and effectively clarifies and disinfects residential and commercial pool water to a higher level than any other product on the market.

The system is designed to medical-grade specifications, and engineered to solve the problems and deficiencies of all other competing systems.