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PURITY AOP: Hands-down the Best Residential AOP system available anywhere.

PurityTek’s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Produces the Cleanest and Clearest Pool Water You Can Get!

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Cut your Chlorine usage by as much as 90% with the PurityTek AOP System.

This is the ONLY Residential Pool UV system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards!

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PERFECT for Pools with Variable Speed Pumps.

PurityTek’s AOP system operates effectively from 15 GPM to 100 GPM or more, thanks to our unique patent-pending flow design.

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The Purity AOP system destroys pathogens AND organics, producing the CLEANEST and CLEAREST pool water you can get.

This is the ONLY Residential AOP system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards.

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Pool owners LOVE the new AOP System from PurityTek.

The PurityTek AOP System produces superior water clarity, with no dangerous chemicals, at significantly lower cost.


The PURITY AOP System: The Cleanest and Clearest Pool Water You Can Get!

The Purity Residential Pool AOP system is the ONLY system tested to clean, sanitize and disinfect BEYOND U.S. Drinking Water standards!

The Purity AOP system is an advanced pool water sanitation system that safely and effectively clarifies and disinfects residential and commercial pool water to a higher level than any other product on the market. The system is designed to medical-grade specifications, and engineered to solve the problems and deficiencies of other systems, to provide:

  • Superior Disinfection
  • Superior Water Clarity
  • Simple, versatile installation options
  • A Longer-Lasting, Lower-maintenance System
  • At a lower cost of ownership.

The Purity AOP system is available through reputable pool industry distributors all across the United States.

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Here's why people are falling in love with the new AOP system from Purity:

  1. It produces superior water clarity, with no dangerous chemicals, at significantly lower cost.
  2. It produces powerful hydroxyl radicals that go beyond basic pathogen disinfection by oxidizing and destroying any and all organic matter quickly and efficiently, with no harmful byproducts.
  3. It can drastically minimize the demand for chlorine, by as much as 90%.
  4. Unlike other systems, the purity AOP system operates effectively across a wide range of flow rates, ranging from 15 GPM to 100 GPM or more, thanks to our unique patent-pending flow design. Our system is PERFECT for pools with variable speed pumps.
  5. Versatile installation options. It can be mounted “pressure side” or “suction side,” and has multiple orientation options.
  6. Minimal maintenance requirements, with super-easy swing-out access to lamp assemblies.
  7. High-grade components such as aluminum vessel (instead of PVC), and stainless steel braided Teflon tubing (instead of cheap plastic hoses) means it’s built to last a lifetime.
  8. The powerful oxidizing hydroxyl radicals are produced in a dry chamber, which results in much more efficient and effective performance, while also ensuring zero ozone emissions.

The Purity AOP system kills pathogens AND destroys organics, producing the CLEANEST and CLEAREST pool water you can get.

Not All Pool Sanitation Systems Are The Same!

Everyone loves swimming in crystal clear water. Unfortunately, keeping pool water clean, clear and safe is an ongoing challenge for most pool owners. That’s because traditional methods (chlorine sanitation, salt systems, mineral systems and enzyme-based systems) usually do well under IDEAL conditions, but they don’t respond well to all-too-common day-to-day fluctuations in conditions, such as:

  • Bather load (how many people are in the pool?)
  • Hotter temperatures.
  • Windy or dusty conditions
  • Sunshine instead of clouds
  • Rainfall
  • Leaves, grass and other debris
  • Pets and other animals
  • Pumps, filters and other equipment problems
  • And most dangerous of all, people having accidents in the pool.

Dangerous pathogens such as cryptosporidium are especially problematic, because most traditional sanitation systems take days or even weeks to effectively eradicate and neutralize their effects. That’s why the advanced pool sanitation system known as AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) has become immensely popular in recent years.

An AOP system utilizes high-power technology that makes chlorine and ozone pale by comparison. An AOP system produces hydroxyl radicals that will instantly attack any organic matter within their reach, and destroy it in a matter of seconds. And it’s using pure human-friendly oxygen to do it.

Chlorine will more or less “oxidize” and destroy organic matter, but it’s (1) much slower than oxygen, and (2) it produces untold numbers of dangerous and potentially carcinogenic byproducts in the process. So it might make the water safe to swim in, but it might make you sick in the process. (Or at least make your eyes turn red and your hair turn green.)

Ozone is a little bit safer, because it’s using oxygen instead of chlorine. Unfortunately, ozone, like chlorine, is toxic to humans. And it has a half-life of at least 15 minutes, which means it has plenty of time to go from the ozonator into the pool water, float to the surface, and get inhaled by unsuspecting swimmers.

Additionally, chlorine and ozone will both get quickly overwhelmed when anyone of the above “changing conditions” kicks in. Bring in a combination of those factors, and it may be days or weeks before your pool is clear and safe to swim in again. If you get any one of the common but dangerous chlorine-resistant pathogens such as cryptosporidium, Giardia, or Legionnaires disease, you could have some serious illnesses on your hands, or worse.

By contrast, a properly designed and well-built AOP system will neutralize and obliterate all pathogens and nasty organics in a matter of minutes, no matter what the bather load. The disinfection of the water is instantaneous as it passes through the AOP chamber, which means as soon as you can run all the water through the filter, it will all be purified.

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AOP is better than other sanitization methods,
But not all AOP Systems are the same.

There are several AOP systems available today for residential pool water disinfection, but ALL of them have one or more deficiencies, which make them an ineffective and potentially dangerous choice.

By contrast, the Purity AOP system was designed by a team of engineers from the medical field, where “pretty good” is never good enough. The Purity AOP engineers took a look at all the competing systems, and identified their weaknesses, and then engineered the Purity AOP system to overcome those deficiencies, and dramatically exceed their performance.

Here are some of the problems from other systems that the Purity AOP system overcomes:

In-Water Reaction Chamber (instead of a dry chamber) – It sounds logical enough, to produce the ozone and hydroxyl radicals right there in the water, so they could immediately go to work. But that instantly introduces several problems:

  1. The water causes diffusion, which makes the UV light less effective and less efficient at producing the necessary ozone, and also less efficient at converting that ozone to the hydroxyl radical
  2. The inefficiency of the wet chamber also reduces the effectiveness of converting ozone to a hydroxyl radical, which means you will still be sending toxic ozone out to the swimmers in the pool.
  3. The water-based reaction chamber is also highly susceptible to flow rates. If you try to increase or decrease the water flow (such as when you are using a variable speed pump), the effectiveness can drop off dramatically.

By contrast, the Purity AOP system uses a dry chamber, giving us vastly more efficient creation of ozone, and 100% certainty of converting all ozone into hydroxyl radicals.

The Purity AOP system is also not affected by changes in flow rate. In fact, it works effectively anywhere from 15 GPM to 100 GPM, thanks to its dry chamber, and patent-pending injection system.

Flow rates

Another big problem our engineers discovered with common AOP systems was their extremely narrow range of acceptable flow rates. Pool contractors repeatedly told us how annoying it was to try to fine-tune other AOP systems to work effectively, and then have them stop working as soon as someone made an adjustment to the variable speed pump.

We realized the importance of the system working under a wide range of flow rates, so our engineers at Purity came up with a design so unique that it’s now registered for a U.S. patent.

This unique design leverages the physics of pressure, flow and venturi effect to produce consistent draw from the OH injector across a wide range of flow rates, from 15 GPM all the way to 100 GPM and beyond. High-flow, low-flow, or mid-level flow, it doesn’t matter. The infusion of pathogen-killing hydroxyl radicals remains consistent across the entire band no matter what the flow.

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In Summary:

  1. AOP IS BETTER than alternative forms of sanitation because:
    • Chlorine and other pool chemicals are absorbed by the skin, as well as inhaled.
    • Pool chemicals are as much as five times worse than secondhand smoke.
    • It’s the pool chemicals that cause burning eyes, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, allergies and asthma.
    • For chlorine to function properly as the primary disinfectant, it has to be maintained between 2 and 5 parts per million.
    • When AOP is your primary disinfectant, then the chlorine can be brought down to 0.5 parts per million or less, which is perfectly safe for everyone.
    • Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) – Treatment using chlorine, chloramine, ozone, or nearly any other disinfection method will produce and leave byproducts in the water. The most common DBPs are Trihalomethanes (TTHMs), Haloacetic acids (HAA5), Chlorite, Chlorate and Bromate. There are known health risks associated with the consumption of DBPs. For example, THMs are considered possibly carcinogenic. (These compounds form when free chlorine comes into contact with organic material in water.) Common THMs include chloroform, bromodichloromethane, bromoform and dibromochloromethane.
  1. The single most important health choice you can make for your family when it comes to your swimming pool is “what will be your primary source of disinfection/ sanitization?”
    • If your primary sanitation comes from chlorine, then you have to constantly maintain the chlorine at an unsafe level.
      • And when you have a bump in bather load, then you have to “shock” the pool with even more chlorine.
      • And the chlorine can take days or even weeks to wipe out stubborn pathogens, like cryptosporidium.
      • That means the pathogens are still multiplying, days after you shock the pool, and days after the heavy bather load.
    • If your primary sanitation comes from ozone, then you have to keep the ozone at an unsafe level, which is dangerous for swimmers – especially in an indoor facility, but also in outdoor swimming pools.
    • If your primary sanitation comes from the Purity AOP system, then chlorine and/or ozone can be minimized by 90%, and used only as a supplemental secondary sanitization, to meet municipal regulations.
  1. The circulation and hydraulics of your swimming pool play a crucial role in sanitization also. If you use an inferior AOP system that is only killing some of the pathogens with each pass, then it may take days or even weeks before your pool is clean and safe again.
  2. The Purity AOP system has an industry-leading 4-year warranty.

Remember – A saltwater system is still a chlorine system, so it has all the same negatives and drawbacks of chlorine.

CONCLUSION:  Only the PURITY AOP System Gives You a Truly Safe and Clean Swimming Experience.

Purity AOP produces pool water twice as clean as drinking water, without the harmful side effects you get with chlorine, salt and ozone. And it does it all with less maintenance, and a lower cost of ownership than any other system.