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The Purest and Healthiest Pool Water You Can Get!
This is the ONLY Residential Pool UV system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards!
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Only PURITY TEK Gives You A Truly Safe And Clean Swimming Experience.
Twice as clean as drinking water, without the harmful side effects from chlorine, salt or ozone.
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The Purity UVC is the ONLY disinfecting and sanitizing system in the world that purifies swimming pool water to drinking water standards and beyond.
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The superior design of Purity UVC produces DRAMATICALLY better “kill rates,” in less time, using less energy.
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Twice As Clean As Drinking Water
With less maintenance, no side effects, and a lower cost of ownership than any other system.
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The Purity UVC System
Up to 400 times cleaner than competing UV and Ozone systems.


Pool owners and Pool Builders alike LOVE the new Purity UVC disinfection system, because it keeps the water cleaner and clearer, and uses LESS CHEMICALS in the process.

Here are some comments from builders and homeowners who’ve used our system:

Testimonial from John Harrison, Waterline Pools (Dallas TX)

“We’ve been using the Purity UV light system for a number of years now and we’ve had great success. Low maintenance costs, if any. The thing we like best is the way it’s designed, the way it works, and the electrical components. We build a lot of pools with automatic covers, and the UVC system really keeps our chlorine levels down.

“We were worried about chlorine gas, and ozone, and the salt can be very corrosive. But with the UVC, there are no corrosive properties whatsoever. It just dissipates. We also like the way it looks, and our homeowners are very happy with it. I see us putting in a lot of these units. They work very well.”

John Harrison, Waterline Pools, Dallas Texas

Testimonial from JUSTIN HARWOOD of Premier Pools & Spas (St. George, Utah)

“We’ve been installing the Purity UVC light on all of our pools. We have installed about 40 so far thius year. It’s pretty simple to install, and our customers really enjoy it. One of the things they like is that there’s not the smell of chlorine. We have a lot of clients who had salt pools and chlorinated pools, and they are really loving the Purity UV system.”

Justin Harwood, Premier Pools & Spas, St. George Utah

Installation Testimonial from Steve Hanson (Pool owner, Austin, Texas)

How It Works

Purity UVC is an ultraviolet pool sanitation system that will make your pool water crystal clear and safe to swim in. The device works by producing ultraviolet light that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the water. This leaves you with clean and healthy water that is also gentle on your skin.


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