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PURITY AOP: Hands-down the Best Residential AOP system available anywhere.
PurityTek’s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Produces the Cleanest and Clearest Pool Water You Can Get!
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Cut your Chlorine usage by as much as 90% with the PurityTek AOP System.
This is the ONLY Residential Pool UV system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards!
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PERFECT for Pools with Variable Speed Pumps.
PurityTek’s AOP system operates effectively from 15 GPM to 100 GPM or more, thanks to our unique patent-pending flow design.
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The Purity AOP system destroys pathogens AND organics, producing the CLEANEST and CLEAREST pool water you can get.
This is the ONLY Residential AOP system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards.
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Pool owners LOVE the new AOP System from PurityTek.
The PurityTek AOP System produces superior water clarity, with no dangerous chemicals, at significantly lower cost.

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Are you looking for a swimming pool water disinfection system that exceeds all standards? Purity UVC has the perfect solution for you! Our system does what no other pool sanitization system can do. It’s the superior choice when it comes to keeping your pool water clean and free of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Call us at (512) 255-2271, email or use the form below to learn more about our top-of-the-line pool sanitation system and how we can help you keep your pool clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. We’re excited to hear from you.