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The Purest and Healthiest Pool Water You Can Get!
This is the ONLY Residential Pool UV system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards!
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Only PURITY TEK Gives You A Truly Safe And Clean Swimming Experience.
Twice as clean as drinking water, without the harmful side effects from chlorine, salt or ozone.
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The Purity UVC is the ONLY disinfecting and sanitizing system in the world that purifies swimming pool water to drinking water standards and beyond.
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The superior design of Purity UVC produces DRAMATICALLY better “kill rates,” in less time, using less energy.
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Twice As Clean As Drinking Water
With less maintenance, no side effects, and a lower cost of ownership than any other system.
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The Purity UVC System
Up to 400 times cleaner than competing UV and Ozone systems.

Superior UV Pool Sanitation System for Homeowners

When the “plastics” companies were saying, "This is good enough," we said "No, it’s NOT!"

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home, but it can be tough to keep it clean and healthy – especially during the summer months. That’s where Purity UVC comes in. We’re the superior choice when it comes to UV pool sanitation system on the market, and we can help you keep your swimming pool clean and safe all season long.

Your water is rife with germs and bacteria and even though you keep it clean, it can still cause skin irritations and stinging eyes when your family jumps in.

Purity UVC will be a different story for your family as you’ll be swimming in a healthier environment that doesn’t make your family sick.

Purity UVC uses ultraviolet light to sterilize your pool water and make it safe for swimming. This method is much safer than using chlorine or other chemicals, and it’s gentle on your skin and won’t cause any irritation.



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