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Here’s Why the Purity UVC System
Beats Every Other Residential UV System in the World

Purity UVC Is Designed to Provide the Purest and Healthiest Pool Water You Can Get.

The Purity UVC system disinfects and sanitizes to “twice as clean as drinking water,” while reducing your chlorine levels and chlorine usage by up to 90%.

No other residential UV system achieves the results of the Purity UVC system, because our system is designed, engineered and constructed to produce medical-grade results consistently, every time.

Here's how we do it:

Vessel material: 304 Stainless steel
(Lasts a lifetime)
(Degrades with exposure to UV light)
Vessel diameter: Less than 4”
(Enables UV killing all the way to the edge)
Greater than 8”
(Doesn’t kill pathogens near the edge)
Vessel interior: Electropolished Stainless Steel
(Reflects the UV rays back, for additional killing)
(No reflectivity at all)
Lamp & Ballast: Premium, medical-grade lamp with engineered ballast.
(Consistent results every time)
Various lamps, with cheap, off-the-shelf ballast
(Inconsistent, unpredictable results)
Water Flow: Engineered portals for smooth, predictable flow.
(Ensures uniform pathogen kill.)
Not engineered for optimum flow
(Creates flow-eddies, and inconsistent kill-rates.)
Mounting configuration: Universal Mounting
(Works in any position)
Restricted mounting
(Vertical-only or horizontal-only)
Lamp Lifetime: >16,000 hours Typically <12,000 hours

Superiority Proven by an Independent Third Party

To prove the superiority of the Purity UVC system, we purchased several of the most popular residential pool UV systems currently available in the US, and shipped them to a nationally-certified, independent 3rd party testing facility (BCS Labs in Gainesville FL), along with a Purity UVC system, for independent comparison tests.

As predicted, the Purity UV system produced “better than drinking water” quality.

By contrast, for every one pathogen that got past the Purity system, there were as many as 404 pathogens left behind by the other systems. Check out the results in the table below.


Completed by BCS Laboratories Inc., Gainesville FL

Influent and effluent Qbeta concentrations analyzed per method EPA 1602.
Full report available on request.

Purity UVC 71,444 pathogens/ml 17.8 99.98% 0.02% 1:1 YES
Municipal Drinking Water 28.6 99.96% 0.04% 2:1 YES
Brand X 4863.6 93.15% 6.85% 274:1 NO
Brand Y 7166.7 89.95% 10.05% 404:1 NO

Better with Medical-Grade Technology

The vastly superior technical design, engineering and construction of the Purity UVC system produces dramatically more effective “kill rates” in less time, using less energy.

Here’s how the Purity UVC system beats the others:

  • Superior vessel design/configuration, with intelligent sizing to maximize kill rate.
  • Smarter lamp configuration, to maximize distribution of UV rays.
  • Electropolished, reflective interior, to kill in both directions.
    Stainless steel construction, to last a lifetime.
  • Manufactured in a certified medical-grade ISO 13485 environment; audited quarterly, to ensure compliance.
  • Industry-leading 4-year warranty.

Removable flanges at end caps of the vessel

These allow for easy access to the interior, if needed.

Medical-grade Silicone O-ring

For long life, and to prevent leaks, silicone O rings are the highest performing O-rings you can buy.

Sacrificial Anode

In a salt-pool, the sacrificial anode protects not only the Purity UVC system, but ALL metal components in the pool, including heaters, ladders, pumps, etc.

Here’s Why Ultraviolet Light Is The Overwhelmingly Superior Choice For Water Disinfection...

Ultraviolet light has been recognized for decades as a superior disinfection and sanitation technology compared to chlorine, bromine, and other traditional approaches.


That’s because the wavelength of ultraviolet light (specifically the “C” band, also known as UVC) is the perfect size to penetrate the DNA of any microorganism, thus allowing it to literally destroy the organism from the inside out.

The big problem with most pathogens is that they replicate so quickly, they can become dangerous and deadly in a very short period of time. (AKA the term “going viral.”)

However, when the DNA is destroyed, the pathogen cannot replicate. Thus, within a matter of hours, the pathogen threat is wiped out, and the water (or whatever material is being treated with UV light) is now safe for humans.

Here are some additional facts regarding the use of ultraviolet light for disinfection:

  • UV has long been the preferred technology for hospitals, water parks, municipal water supplies, and other commercial operations, and is thus recommended by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). The city of New York has disinfected its massive municipal water supply with UV light for decades.
  • One of the dangers of using chlorine to disinfect is the unhealthy byproducts, such as chloramine and chloroform. (These are the nasty chemicals that cause respiratory issues, both indoors and outdoors.) UV destroys the chloramines, while reducing the need for chlorine by as much as 90%. That means no more chlorine-based eye irritation, respiratory issues or that annoying chlorine smell.
  • Ultraviolet light kills cryptosporidium and other dangerous pathogens instantly, while chlorine can take days or even weeks to kill these notorious waterborne pathogens.
  • UV disinfection is perfect for low-flow, energy-efficient swimming pool hydraulics. It’s constantly running, constantly killing, at less cost than a 100-Watt light bulb. And it needs no adjustments!


When you use ultraviolet light as your primary disinfection system, you can dramatically reduce your usage of chlorine, ozone, bromine, or any other disinfectant, because the UV system does all the heavy work.


WARNING: You Should NEVER Buy A UV System Built With PVC

If you’re considering investing in a UV water purification system, there’s one important thing you need to know: PVC is a terrible material for building UV systems, for 2 reasons:

FIRST – It’s a well-known fact that PVC is destroyed by ultraviolet light. So any UV system built with PVC will slowly but steadily attack itself, and self-destruct.

SECOND – PVC has no reflective properties whatsoever, which means it has no way to combat the “pathogen shadowing” effect.

PATHOGEN SHADOWING – The Phenomenon That Makes Pathogens Harder To Kill

Bacteria, viruses, and most other dangerous pathogens have this annoying habit of “clumping together,” rather than floating around separately and independently.

When a “clump” of these pathogens passes through a UV disinfection system, the side of the clump that is exposed to the UV light will be destroyed. But these destroyed pathogens will form a “protective shadow” for the pathogens on the backside of the clump, thereby protecting them from the UV light. That then, unfortunately, allows the shadowed pathogens to pass through the vessel unaffected.

We don’t want pathogens to survive through the vessel!

That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that every UV disinfection system has the ability to “reflect back” the UV rays, to kill the otherwise protected pathogens on the backside of the clump.

PVC plastic cannot reflect back UV light. Only electropolished stainless steel can accomplish that. That’s why the Purity UV system is made out of 304 stainless steel, and carefully electropolished on the inside before assembly.

We believe ALL UV systems should be built to the standards of the Purity UVC system. (But sadly, they are not.)

How It Works

Purity UVC is an ultraviolet pool sanitation system that will make your pool extremely safe and clean to swim in. The device works by producing ultraviolet light that destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in the water. This leaves you with clean and healthy water that is also gentle on your skin.

Most people are aware of the dangers of chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools. High levels of chlorine can cause skin and respiratory problems, and it is also a potent irritant. However, many people are not aware that there is an alternative to high levels of chlorine. The Purity UVC system uses ultraviolet light to disinfect swimming pool water. This system is much safer than traditional chlorination, and it can reduce chlorine levels from 3 to 5 PPM down to 0.5 PPM. As a result, swimmers can enjoy the benefits of clean, safe water without the risks associated with high levels of chlorine.

No other UV pool sanitation system on the market today can match the Purity UVC system’s ability to destroy pathogens rapidly and effectively. The Purity UVC system exposes pool water to UV light at a far higher intensity than any other residential system, making it uniquely powerful and effective. With its unmatched power and performance, the Purity UVC system is the clear choice for anyone who wants the best possible protection for their family.

Reasons Homeowners LOVE the Purity UVC System for Their Pools

A Safer and More Enjoyable Swim

Proven Superiority in the Laboratory

Destroys Even the Toughest Pathogens

Scientifically Designed for Maximum Disinfection

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Safer and Better for the Environment

A Winning Investment


Would you like to know more about the swimming pool water disinfection system that exceeds all standards, and does what no other pool sanitization system can do?

Call us at (512) 255-2271, or email info@purityuvc.com, or you can click the below button to get in touch.